The Last Post—Jack Fisher

This coming March 16 will mark the end of the fifth and last year of my Hughes SCG space history project with the closure of this website. I am going to step down from operating the website for personal reasons. We have documented many aspects of Hughes space achievements that might not have been otherwise recorded. Despite the more that 30 years spent at Hughes I have learned more about the company achievements in the last five years than I could imagine. There is much more that could be written and I am hopeful that someone will step forward to take over the website–I would be willing to provide support to such an effort.

There are many people that should be thanked for their efforts in supporting our website: these include Steve Dorfman who supported the startup and provided a number of insightful contributions; our most prolific authors included Dick Johnson, Andy Ott, Boris Subbotin, Will Turk, and Dick Brandes; Faith MacPherson transcribed numerable articles from Hughes News and SCG Journal; Su Kim Chung at the University of Nevada Las Vegas library who supported my visits to the Hughes archives and Susan Smylie, technical consultant.

Our website is hosted by SiteGround (see and over our five years of operation I have had no serious issues and have been able to solve any minor problems with brief online chats. The website software used is WordPress (see to structure the inputs. There is no charge for WordPress and it updated by SiteGround whenever a update is available. Individual posts created in MS Word can be directly input to WordPress.

It was my initial goal to find an author willing to write about our space activities using the information posted on our website. Despite a number of contacts I have not been successful and recent discussions have centered upon writing with our own resources a self-published book. I am very willing to support any effort along these lines.

I am including in this post an updated launch log for Hughes spacecraft. This log of all unclassified launches was first posted on March 10, 2016 and now includes the two additional HS-376 launches conducted by Boeing in 2002/3 that would be required to complete a history of that satellite platform.


4 thoughts on “The Last Post—Jack Fisher

  1. Jack,

    Having been privileged to work at HSC from 1972 to 2009, I will always believe it was a special place and time, and I have greatly appreciated the many stories you have posted, some refreshing memories from my career, some introducing early history from before my time. Thank you so much for having taken this on, I have often hoped for a written history of those great times.

  2. Thank you for all your work. It has been interesting and enlightening reading all your posts. I am hopeful someone else will come forward to continue what you have started!

  3. Sorry I have not been aware . Thanks for info. Noble smith 1954 to July 1980, systems. I vAlue my time at HAC. Inspirational ! Thanks

  4. Jack:

    Thanks for your hard work as the longstanding custodian of this historical compelation of HSC stories. I’m sorry and dissappointed (as I presume you are) that you have been unable to locate an author to put this material in book form. I trust that the record of blog inputs will be preserved & accessable should a plan for publication materialize.