ATS Spin Scan Pictures–Bob Farmer

Prior to my joining Hughes in August 1973 and after leaving the US Navy in March of 1966 I was with Bendix Field Engineering Corp (BFEC).  BFEC at that time had the contract with NASA for ground station support of the STADAN, Manned, and Deep Space tracking and operations networks.  I was assigned to the NASA tracking facilities at Goldstone outside of Barstow, CA,  and supported both manned and unmanned space missions.  During my time there my activities were in support of the last four Gemini missions and the complete Apollo program.  In between manned missions we supported various unmanned programs one in particular was the ATS (Applications Technology Satellites) Program.  You mentioned in your writeup the two firsts from ATS-1 and ATS-3 regarding their Spin Scan Cloud Cover camera systems.  I looked through my old (very old) files and found these two pictures.  The black and white is one of the very first from ATS-1 that we processed at Goldstone before sending on to GSFC, in the NE corner you can just make out the outline of Baja California.  The color photo is a repro of the first color picture from ATS-3 that was on an “Atta Boy” we all got for being part of the team.ATS-1 Spin Scan

ATS-3 Spin Scan

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Jack was a systems engineer at Hughes from 1961 to 1992. He contributed to various programs including Surveyor, Pioneer Venus, Galileo, Intelsat VI and innumerable proposals. He was the manager of of the Spacecraft Systems Engineering Lab until his retirement. Upon retirement Jack taught systems engineering at a number of national and international venues.