The Hughes Astronauts–compiled by Jack Fisher

Two from Hughes have a shuttle in their future–Hughes News April 27, 1984

Two Hughes employees will be aboard the Space Shuttle at blast off time on flights scheduled next year.  Earth departure /space entry dates are February and July 1985.

NASA has allocated a seat for a payload specialist from Hughes on each of two flights designated to launch the third and fourth in a series of Leasat satellites designed and built by the Space and Communications Group.

“NASA is offering us an opportunity for our employees that we wouldn’t want to pass up” said SCG Vise President Dick Brandes, Commercial Division manager.  It’s a super idea–wish I could go.”

A Hughes selection committee is accepting applications from employees of Space and Communications Group and Hughes Communications Inc., a subsidiary of Hughes.

To qualify for the opportunity of a lifetime, an application must pass several NASA requirements including a medical examination for space flight, a background security investigation, and successfully complete a nine-month training session.

Candidates also must meet qualifications specified by the Hughes selection committee.  Among the requirements are employment with the Space and Communications Group or with Hughes Communications Inc., spacecraft systems engineering or systems test background, and ability to represent the company as a spokesman.

Applications may be obtained from Ralph Rhoads at Hughes Communications 607-4156.  All applications must be submitted to Mr. Rhoads by April 30.

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