The Hughes Astronauts–compiled by Jack Fisher

Hughes SCG Payload Specialists Named–SGG Journal June 1984

Gregory Jarvis and John Konrad have been chosen to represent Hughes as payload specialists on shuttle flights in 1985, a Hughes selection committee announced June 14.

An 11-year Hughes employee, Jarvis is a project manager in Division 40’s System Analysis and Design Lab.  Konrad, who has been with the company for eight years, is a project manager in Division 40’s Systems Engineering Lab.

Pending NASA’s approval, Jarvis and Konrad will each ride on one of the two shuttle flights in 1985 that will launch SCG-built Leasat spacecraft.  Mission 51-D in March 1985 is scheduled to launch Leasat F-3, while the fourth widebody will be launched in August 1985 on Mission 51-I.

William Butterworth, assistant program manager of SCG’s Galileo Probe effort, and Stephen Cunningham, manager, Systems Analysis were named alternates for the two flights.

The payload specialists and two alternates were selected from a pool of nearly 600 applicants.  “It was a difficult decision because there were so many excellent candidates,” Robert Roney, SCG vice president and selection committee member, said.  “If this first payload specialist program is a success it will be continued on subsequent launches of Hughes communications satellites, offering additional opportunities for employees to fly on future shuttle missions.”

Further details on the astronaut selections will be covered in the next issues of the Journal.

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