The purpose of this post is to provide access to documentation regarding SYNCOM for those who wish to learn more about this early Hughes satellite project.

The NASA Press Release dated 8/11/61 announcing the SYNCOM project is presented below.

A further NASA press release, dated 10/8/61, that provides details of the satellite design and operation is shown below.

Links are provided to the following SYNCOM documentation:

NASA Technical Report TR R-233 Volume I “SYNCOM Engineering Report” describes the SYNCOM II satellite and its subsystems, the communications ground stations, the telemetry and control ground stations, and reports upon the satellites first 150 days in orbit.

NASA Technical Report TR R-252 Volume II “SYNCOM Engineering Report” covers the launch of the SYNCOM III satellite, its performance during the first 100 days in orbit, the televising of the 1964 Summer Olympic Games and various communications tests conducted.


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