Richardson Names Carlson, Roney, Visher to New Posts—Hughes News May 17, 1968

Appointments of Clare G. Carlson as Director of Operations for Aerospace Group and of Robert K. Roney to succeed him as manager of Space Systems Division have been announced by Senior Vice President and ASG Executive John H Richardson.

At the same time, Mr. Richardson announced the promotion of Paul S. Visher from assistant to associate manager of SSD.

Mr. Richardson in describing Mr. Carlson’s new assignment, said that he will “implement the operating systems and procedures essential to the effective conduct of Aerospace Group business in today’s competitive environment and under the rapidly changing requirements of Department of Defense procurement.”

Other Duties

In addition, Mr. Richardson said, Mr. Carlson will assess the effectiveness of the ASG organizational structure and recommend modifications designed to increase the Group’s ability to manage its business and meet growth and diversification objectives.

“Mr. Carlson will be responsible for Data Processing and Management Systems Operation, for integrating Group activities into our overall business management system, and for the implementation of Management Training activities within the Group,” Mr. Richardson said.

Dr. Roney takes over the top spot in Space Systems, where he had been associate manager for seven years, helping to direct the highly successful Surveyor, Syncom, Early Bird, and Intelsat II programs.

Mr. Carlson has been with Hughes 21 years, serving in a number of executive positions, including manager of the Advanced Armaments Laboratory and manager of the former Guidance and Control Division (now Data Systems) prior to his SSD assignment. He holds a B. S. degree in physics from the University of Alberta and a B. S. M. A. from Stanford.

Falcon Planner

Dr. Roney, a Hughesite since 1949, was a member of the pioneering team that developed the Falcon family of air-to-air missiles before assuming a leading role in HAC’s space efforts. He graduated from the University of Missouri and took his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Caltech.

Mr. Visher joined the company in 1956 and served as a senior project engineer on the GAR-11 program before accepting an appointment in Washington in the office of the Secretary of Defense and later served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Civilian Defense).

He has been with Space Systems since his return. Mr. Visher was graduated with highest honors as a Phi Beta Kappa from Indiana University, completed the M. I. T. electronics course, and received a law degree from Yale Law School. He practiced patent law before joining HAC.




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