Russian Contract Calls for HSC to Build BONUM-1—Hughes Electronics Herald November 7, 1997.

Hughes Space and Communications International (HSCI), Inc., has been awarded its first Russian contract for a telecommunications satellite, launch vehicle services, and ground station control equipment from BONUM-1.

BONUM-1 is a subsidiary of Media Most, a major Russian media group, which is developing satellite broadcasting services in Russia. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“As the world’s premier direct-to-home service provider, we at Hughes are proud to have been selected to build BONUM-1,” said Donald Cromer, president of Hughes Space and Communications (HSC) Company, which will manufacture the spacecraft.

“We are pleased to be chosen for this award and to be able to support this growing region of the world.”

The new satellite, which will bear the name of its owner, will be an HS 376 high –power model satellite and will provide digital direct-to-home television services to the western part of Russia.

The satellite is scheduled for delivery in-orbit in November 1998 and will be launched on a Boeing Delta II launch vehicle. BONUM-1 will be located at 36 degrees east longitude and will have a life of 11 years.

HSC also will provide the BONUM-1 ground satellite contro equipment for use at the control center and will provide training to the satellite controllers.

BONUM-1 will contain eight active Ku-band transponders, which, as a result of digital compression technology, will be capable of providing 50 channels using 75-wattt traveling wave tube amplifiers.

BONUM-1 is the 53rd HS 376 model satellite to be ordered from Hughes by customers around the world, and will be built at HSC’s Integrated Satellite Factory in El Segundo, Calif. HSCI is the international marketing organization within HSC.

Editor’s Note: BONUM-1 was successfully launched on November 22, 1998 from the Kennedy Space Center.  It was subsequently moved to 56 degrees east longitude and will be retired at the end of 2013.

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