The I-VI Reboost Program—Joan Tarro

WOW!  What an exciting program to have been lucky enough to have been the Program Office secretary on.

My career at Space & Communications was one of great joy.  To have been able to work with so many incredible people was a true gift.  To be honest, although I loved working on all the programs I worked on, I-VI Reboost was my favorite.

Dr. C. P. Rubin (Chuck) was the Program Manager and I felt honored that he asked me if I would like to work on that program with him (we had worked together previously).  I jumped at the opportunity.  It was a lot of hard work but so satisfying and fun.  I got to know all the astronauts and I was always kind of awe struck when I would call down to the Cape and ask to speak to one of the astronauts and they would come to the phone to talk to me (how many people can say they could do that).

I saved EVERYTHING regarding this program – all SCG Journals, newspaper articles, pictures, launch info, etc.

This program was the maiden voyage of the Endeavor (another exciting part of the program).  I was lucky enough to also have been able to see Endeavor return and land at Edward’s Air Force Base. To this day, it still makes me excited and smile when I think of working on this program.

Here is my list of some of the people that worked on the program:

Program Manager: Chuck Rubin,

Jason Endo, Asst. Prog. Mgr.

Len Dest, Mission Manager

System Engineering:

Don Patterson, LVI

Dennis Nell, Electronics

Willie Magee, Safety

Mark Altobelli

Product Assurance:

Dave Duckworth

S. Joe

Integration & Test/Launch Ops:

Ben Latuperissa

Ralph Yoak

Bill Amlotte

Bill Scanlon

Paul Ely

Structural Mechanics:

Sam Bassily, Manager

Bob Holman, Dynamics

Gunars Krumins

Bruce Linaman

Marygrace Literatus

Ray Ng

Thermal Control:

Stan Banash

Norm Pierson

Greg Reynolds

Design Integration:

Jason Endo, Manager

Al Byrne, Staff

Leo DelaCruz, Wire Harness

Dave Esposto, Structure Design

Dave Fox, Scheduler

Frank Freres, Manufacturing

Jeff Turney, GSE

Carl Jund, Super*Zip


Dave Husar

Carl Stammerjohn

Mass Properties:

Greg Johns


Phil Donatelli

John Ellison


Loren Slafer

Digital Electronics:

Russ Piombino, Manager

Mission Analysis Operations:

Ted Isaacs

Jerry Salvatore

Bruce Shuman


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